Agboville Development Initiative was founded on July 20, 2010 when its founding president met some close friends to form an association that would realize its vision of supporting the community in which they live, especially young orphans. Looking back on his own life (being an orphan at 13), the founding president felt the need to help those who are going through his past situation. Without the help of the government's scholarship system, he would not have succeeded and could not have provided for his family.

This vision was then accepted by the small group and it became their genuine and passionate desire to play an active role in supporting their community in their continued efforts towards realizing their aspiration. With faith and longing, nothing is impossible.

ADI members, having gone through similar conditions in the past and having obtained their education largely through government scholarships, felt compelled to come together and help improve the situation, even with limited financial means. It is particularly touching for them that many children orphaned by natural diseases, civil war or AIDS find themselves in situations they did not ask for. Without support, even the brightest will miss out on what is their best hope "education," and continue to miss out on life.